Carte invitation

Carte invitation

On the 17th November we are happy to launch, if you are in Paris that evening or can come – then call us and reserve. It’s free and it’s going to be fun.

We’ll be going over what we are doing with to give hoteliers a fighting chance in the current internet reservation space.

It couldn’t be more appropriate, with the recent Expedia news.

Vincent and Serge Ramelli, and the entire WIHP team are happy to invite you to the launch party of

Come and discover around a cocktail how Lookotel is changing the online reservations in an innovating way.

RSVP: +33 1 53 46 10 60

If you are a hotelier, you can sign up on right here:

Paris News I thought could help – (search “Paris News Vincent Ramelli”)

Back in 2006 I was working with Philippe Chavanne on a Frequently Asked Questions blog about Paris and a site called Paris Eiffel Tower news you can find them quite easily by searching the above words.

Paris FAQ Blog by Philippe Chavanne and Vincent Ramelli

I have lived in Paris and seen it from all levels. When I was a teenager I was a delivery boy travelling Paris on scooter and I have gotten to know and eveery little street in the city.

I love the city and wouldn’t want to move out for anything in the world (OK except maybe my kids and wife).

And I hope the tips and ideas we give here me and Philippe can be useful to you.

Have fun – and look forward to seeing you in Paris one day.